»Do you have higher goals?«



If you want to bring this world forward, you cannot carry on the conventional and average. You know, you must be ready for the new, for innovation. The best is just barely good enough.



Dieter Scheffknecht


Under this philosophy, a group of enthusiastic technicians led by the engineer Dieter Scheffknecht founded a company for Human Technology.

Right in the heart of Europe, at Lake of Constance, where the countries Switzerland–Germany–Austria and Liechtenstein join together. Right here, where the special deliberation of these people have led to a worldwide unique harmony of progress and still completely intact nature. New developments and patents for air purification and filter technology (MANTECH, RP-radial, power pac)

turn key projects Engagement in clean room projects (GMPA+B... ISO5... US Fed Std. class 100)



Focus on filter technology under brand filtex®

Establishment of logistic center in Hard at Lake of Constance

Internationalization of filtex® brand

AFTL Test Champion with filtex MGP620 ceiling filter

filtex - Slovenia manufacturing plant filtex presents for the first time exclusively energy-saving filters „durotex”



foundation of filtex Austria Logistic Center and headquarter of filtex AG in Liechtenstein-Schaanwald.

All over certification, for manufacturing, sales and development, according to ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System

Engagement in Asia. With headquarter in Shanghai

Expansion of filter production in China with EPA HEPA ULPA filters under cleanroom conditions. Customer benefit increase due to new optimization services by application specialists. Certified unique TFM - Total Filter Management process.



Further innovations and patents: „doubletex“, „narrow pleat“,

„blue“, „ripax“, „glass“, „vpac“, „celpac“

Hygiene Certificate Dr. Raabe, SRRT Switzerland-membership

Innovation and assortment expansion „Clean Room Components“

Complete supplier for the industry with assortment expansion

On industrial filters, customer commissioning System

Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015

Certified by SQS-Switzerland



Innovation is our religion.

Where traditional quality ends,

there filtex–land begins.


Air filters,

Clean room filter technology,

Industry filters for machines and plants.


filtex develops key products, with exceptional customer benefit in all product ranges. A closed assortment for any application on highest level.


Stand in person for

what you say…”


filtex specialists provide additional benefit through application optimization. We take responsibility for our promises in person. This optimization process shapes our very personal customer relationship.


The TFM-Total Filter Management optimization process is certified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.


Both is possible…


Advanced filter technology from filtex not only provides the so important, significant customer benefit to your company.


But additionally, you and we together. We do an enormous contribution to the conservation of world`s environment.

How is this miracle possible? Thanks to the high energy efficient filter technology „energy saver“ from filtex.

It is very important and we are proud to say: “with any applied filtex-filter we make a step forward to protect our planet, a step for all.”


Let‘s go new ways together.

We make sense.


Best in class…


filtex customers want more.

filtex customers get more.

filtex customers give the world more.

The most successful companies

in the world belong to our clientele.



Food industry

Cleanroom production


General industry

Metal construction

Building services engineering

Facility - management

Surface technology


Air conditioning appliance

Dust seperation

filtex AG



advanced filter technology worldwide

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