Tested an certified quality:

filtex® products are developed, produced an supplied subject to the highest possible quality standards.

Our experts develope innovative filter solutions in alliance with our customers. This provides significiant customer-benefit to the users.

filtex® services are also conform to this hig end quality standard.

The external examination an auditin of the quality system according ISO9001-2015 ist done by the distinguished Swiss institute SQS.

  • development
  • production
  • distribution


  • TFM Total Filter Management optimising process
  • Safety inspections

Commitment to sustainability:

The products and services of filtex® aim at the highest level of energy efficiency and a significant contribution to the preservation of our environment. However, this is always done under the premise that it should also be economically worthwhile to make this contribution by reducing energy consumption.


As a member of "Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025", the focus is now on the company, i.e. our organization itself, with the aim of becoming CO2 neutral.

A multitude of small steps will be necessary to achieve the goal.

But here, too, we always want to link the projects with economic benefits, just as in our products.

Examples, such as "LED lighting in our  logistic center in Austria - Wolfurt" or "Paperless office" .... more will follow.