28.01.2012 00:00

Hygienic conformity!

Low quality filters, insufficient examination and servicing of air handling units can create even a hotbed for fungi and bacteria. Did your know.... [more]

11.05.2011 00:00

New air filter standard EN779:2011 accepted!

The last hurdle has taken by the end of March, 2011. The new version of EN779:2011 was accepted by the member countries CEN with 21 yeses and 9 abstentions. Now the national organisations must implement this standard into a... [more]

03.05.2011 09:28

Compact filter "ripac" ... for high air volumes!

Pocket filters are only good for limited air flow rates. If it`s over limit, the pocket filter will fail the filter class and life time will be very short. The high pessure drop will cause additional expenses for energy. For... [more]

16.06.2010 12:24

Filters with high energy efficiency!

The main operating costs for a air handling unit is the electrical energy (el. motor drive/ venti). Note, that the pressure drop difference of only 1Pa causes additional costs of more than € 1,- to 2,- so..... [more]

16.06.2010 12:24

Taschenfilter "extrem" - Innovation!

Mit Anfang 2010 präsentiert filter express die Taschenfilter Innovation Produktelinie "extrem"!Dieser neue Filter unterscheidet sich durch seine eigenstabilen, selbsttragenden Taschen. Selbst bei gröbster Verschmutzung bleibt... [more]

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