Know how


Filtration is a danger defence or it can become even a safety hazard itself::

The first task of filtration is to clean air, gases and liquids. This ensures reliable production processes. On the other hand filtration must protect people from dust, toxics and other injurious substances.


In the press you can read headlines as for example:

  • "Dead by legionnaire's disease"
  • "contaminated chees"
  • "EU report says:  annually 70.000 dead persons caused by fine dust"
  • etc.

Hotbed for bacteria and fungi:

Low quality filters, insufficient examination and servicing  of air handling units can create even a hotbed for fungi and bacteria.

Particles are spread in the channel systems, air handling units and rooms. They reach the manufacturing process and particles are breathed in by people.
Humidity and warm temperature are the ideal fertile soil for the growth of fungi spores and bacteria which are distributed then by the airflow.
In this connection the name "sick building syndrome" was born.
Sick building cause beside the health interferences also enormous economical damage. In extreme buildings cannot be renovated and must be torn down.

Various standards and laws are made to protect people from health threat.
Periodic Inspections and chec ups are stipulated by the authorities.


Danger by glass fibre material:

In the past time pocket filters were mostly produced from fiber glass medium. In the meantime, this material was substituted extensively by synthetic fibers. The problem of fiber glass is the fibre shedding, caused by the constantly pulsating airflow.

So fiber fragments are spread permanently in the air flow and reach and finally this particles are breathed by people.
High-quality filters of synthetic material have equivalent filter effect but no fibre shedding.

The  electrostatic loading effects  of synthetic material (fiberglass has not this quality), must not necessarily be a disadvantage and is unimportant in praxis.

The health danger (cancer risk) is very high in particular with fibers under 3ym. These are respirable and can become not intercepted by the mucous membranes.
The decomposition of the fibers in the lung lasts approx. 20 days.
Air filters have fiber lengths of 0.25 - 2ym!
This concerns in particular fiberglass pocket filters class G2 up to F9.

To 200 studies worldwide point to the danger of fiberglass.
Manufacturers give strict warning instructions for product liability reasons.

Less dangerously glass fibers with bigger fiber length are used for heat and sound insulation materials or paint stop filters.

Most feared filter by facility- service- technicians:
Everyone who gets into skin contact to glass fibre, knows  about the aggravating stinging and allergic skin reactions.



declaration of harmlessness:

All filter products of the brand filtex® are harmless in concert to health influence. The filter products correspond to the highest requirements of to the relevant norms and guidelines. filtex® filters can be used for unlimited praxis applications as for example for air conditioning plants, for hospitals, medical technology and clean room technology.
(eg.: pocket filters "durotex" or "durotec" with Hygienic certificate)

As explained above, in the use of pocket filters of fibre glass media you schould be restrictive. filtex® pocket filters product line "glass" are made with  the special media " filtex®BIOGLASS" only.