Pocket filter

glass fibre


  • The filter medium " filtex®BIOGLASS" is developed as thin glass fiber fabric.
    This bio-degradable glass fiber (fiber shedding)  has excellent filtration characteristics and no electrostatic loading.

    It meets the obligations of the new standard EN779:2011.

    Application range:

    When high filter efficiency plays an important role. In special applications, if  synthetic filters dont bring sufficient results. High temperature applications. For high air volume rates, executions "high flow" or "super high flow".
    Especially wehn filter classes according EN779:2012 or ISO16890 are demanded.

    Types - Filter classes - Medium:

    TFG... with metal frame class M5-F9, ISO16890 medium filtex®BIOGLASS
    TFKG... with plastic frame class M5-F9, ISO16890 medium filtex®BIOGLASS

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    • Filter classes according standard EN779:2012, ISO16890
    • For high air volume rates executions "high flow" or "super high flow"
    • Very good filter efficiency
    • Attestation of microbial inhibitation
    • Bio-degradable fibre
    • Frame material metal, optional plastic
    • All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
    • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request