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filtex® pocket filters (bag-filters) are tested and approved acording to worldwide filter standards and covers the EN779 filter classes G2 to F9.

Presently this is the most commonly used filter type for air-handling systems worldwide

A special type of the pocket filter family is the "bikini" product line (details see separate register).
For clean room applications, the pocket filter is mainly used as a pre filter previous to the HEPA filter (filterclasses H10-).

Alternatively you can use compact filters product line "ripac".

Pocket filters are fixed fulltight in stabile metal frames. This gives
the bag filters fit perfect, close stop in form-stable and assembly-friendly frames with gasket seal.

To optimise various praxis applications filtex® developed a range of different poduct lines:


Choose the correct filter:

If the incident-flow velocity is over limit, the bag filter cannot reach the given filter class after EN779. In consequence the filter (with all subsequent effects) overflows, which increases energy expenditure of the plant, service lives becomes accordingly shortened. Planners, plant engineers and users must consider this fact.
The operating efficiency can be improoved by use of pocket filters of product lines "durotex" or "extreme". This types provide low initial an average pressure drop. The excellent energy efficency reduces life cost  of your air -handling-system considerably.
In practice we often see problems when wrong assembling or in the use of wrong products.
filtex® provides all standard dimensions as well as special dimensions optional with different frame materials in  execution base/flow/high flow/super.
The frames are also suitable for Compact filters (very high air volume rates), Bikini filters (oil aerosols) or Filter cells.