Mats and rolls synthetic


Progressively compressed, synthetic, thermal fabric with high mechanical strength in the composite. The unique fleece construction provides  high filter efficiency and dust holding capacity and energy efficiency.

Synthetic fabrics are supplied in rolls or exact cuts.


Filtering course dust and fine dust n spray booth, air handling units, as pre filters, air conditioning..... special industrial applications.

Types - Filter class - Characteristic:

MSB10 class G2 8mm, thinnest rel. rigid
MSB10 class G2 8mm, thin
MS10 class G2 10mm, standard
MSP10 class G2 12mm, lowest initial pressure drop
MS15 schwarz class G3 9mm, black
MSB15 class G3 10mm, standard
MSB3 class G3 13mm, blue
MS15 class G3 14mm, MANTECH
MSP15 class G3 16-19mm, high performance
MSP3 class G3 18-20mm, blue
MSBS29 class G4 17mm, electrical cabinet
MSB29 class G4 20mm, high performance
MS29 class G4 20mm, blue/white, progressive
MSP29 class G4 22mm, rigid, washable
MSB29-30 class G4 25-30mm, After filter
MS29-35 class G4 29-35mm, After filter
MSP29-40 class G4 32-40mm, After filter
MSE29-45 class G4 40-45mm, After filter
MSX29-50 class G4 45-50mm, After filter
KMB, KMP... class G4 6-22mm, Carbon filters see carbpan
MS500 class F5 20mm, ceiling filter
MS50 class F5 8mm, fine fabric
MS60 class F6 8mm, fine fabric
MS70 class F7 8mm, fine fabric
MS80 class F8 8mm, fine fabric
MS90 class F9 8mm, fine fabric


  • filtex®SYNTHETIK 100%, thermic bound fabric
  • Special types for every specific application
  • Also in colour black or blue
  • In rolls, cuts or special shapes
  • Technical data see TECHDOK or on request