Filter cell

z pleat


The synthetic filter medium filtex® ZPLEAT consists of surface-treated deep-fleece with a frame grid at least on air outlet side. To achieve an extrem big filter surface the filter medium is folded zigzag. The filter is installed close in a stable cell frame of special cardboard material.

The frames are made of galvanised steel, plastic or special cardboard. Available in different thicknesses. The most often used filter classes reach from G3-F7.

Application range:

As a prefilter in all kinds of air handling units or exhaust air machines. As filter elements in special dust removal equipments, dust collection units, etc. Insertion in all kinds of air conditioning-units.


Types - Filter classes - Medium:

FZP with cardboard frame high flow class G3-F7 medium filtex® ZPLEAT
FZMP with metal frame high flow class G3-F7 medium filtex® ZPLEAT
FZMB with metal frame base class G3-F5 medium filtex® ZBPLEAT
FZKP with plastic frame high flow class G3-F7 medium filtex® ZPLEAT

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  • Filter medium filtex®ZPLEAT 100% Synthetic "high flow"
  • High filter efficiency
  • Frame materials metal, plastic, special cardboard
  • Frame thicknesses 50/100, others on request
  • All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
  • Technichal data see TECHDOC or on request