Filter cell

narrow pleated


  • Filter cells with high-strength, waterproof fiberglass paper medium ”filtex®Narrow Pleat". High air volume rates can be filtered with low cross-sectional area.  The filter efficiency starts on high level.
    The standard frame is made of massive hard plastic. This allowes super tight fitting without air leaking.
    Compared to standard filter cells the product line “pleat line “ provides 40% higher filter efficiency! The filters fulfill  the highest hygiene claims of standard EN779.

    filtex produces the fitercells with frame materials plastic, hard cardboard, metal or aluminum.
    filtex® also offers special types for high temperature applications with flange frame, wedge shape...

    Application range:

    As a prefilter in all kinds air handling units or exhaust air machines and AC-units. As filter elements in special dust removal equipments, dust collection units etc..

    Ideally for the substitution of normal filter cells in order to improve filter efficiency.

    Types - Filter classes - Medium:

    FZNK with plastic frame class M5-F9 medium filtex® Narrow Pleat
    FZNS with soft faserplate frame class M5-F9 medium filtex® Narrow Pleat
    FZN with cardboard frame class M5-F9 medium filtex® Narrow Pleat
    FZNM with metal frame class M5-F9 medium filtex® Narrow Pleat
    FZNA with aluminum frame class M5-F9 medium filtex® Narrow Pleat

    ☼ Energy Saver 


    • Filter media filtex® Narrow Pleat glass fibre paper
    • Highest filter efficiency for fine dust
    • High initial filter efficiency
    • Hygienic conform VDI6022
    • Exact frame construction for supertight fitting
    • Frame material metal, Al, plastic, Impregnated hard cardboard frame
    • Special types for high temperature
    • Frame depth 50/100, special depth on request
    • All dimensions, special dimensions on request
    • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request