assembling frame


To achieve clean room classes the quality of filter frame is essential. Absolute thightness is necessary. 
The filtex®  hframe RSFE provides the opportunity for sealing-test-prove. The HEPA filter must have a flat gasket. This test is necessary for high safety clean rooms as we can find  in the pharma industry, in hospitals (DIN 1946-4) or applied in nuclear power plants (KTA3601).

The sealing-test-prove can be made by use of the test device "DFM-flowindicator".

For standard clean room conditions choose filtex® hframe RSF.
The HEPA filter must not have a special type of gasket.


In the chemical and pharma industries. In semi conductor- and electronic industries. In medical plants, hospitals and special applications....
The frames can be mounted in the air handling units, in metal ducts or in within the clean rooms.



RSF standard
RSFE for sealing-test-prove , filter with flat gasket


  • Frame material stainless steel or galvanized steel
  • RSFE for sealing-test-prove
  • All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request