HEPA ULPA filters



High efficiency filter medium „filtex®ELPAC“  is made of spezial –high-quality microglass fibre paper with aluminum seperators. (electric conductivity).
This allowes increased air flow rates at low pressure drop.
Temperature resistance up to 120°C.
High temperature execution up to 250°C (300°C)
Optional with ground terminal for Ex-protection.




End filter unit  for clean rooms, cabins fan units...
The filter provides increased  flow rates  with low initial pressure drop.
Applications where electric conductivity and grounding is necessary.
High temperature applications.



Types - Filter classes - Medium:

SFA frame of galvanized steel E10(H10)-U16 filtex®ELPAC
SFAA frame of Al E10(H10)-U16 filtex®ELPAC
SFAR frame of stainless steeli E10(H10)-U16 filtex®ELPAC
SFAW frame of MDF E10(H10)-U16 filtex®ELPAC
SFAP... "high flow" with St galvanized frame class E10-U17 filtex®ELPAC H.F.
SFAAP... "high flow" with Al-frame class E10-U17 filtex®ELPAC H.F.
SFARP... "high flow" with stainless St frame class E10-U17 filtex®ELPAC H.F.
SFAWP... "high flow" with MDF frame class E10-U17 filtex®ELPAC H.F.

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  • Filter medium filtex®ELPAC and filtex®ELPAC H.G (high flow)
  • Electric conductivity for EX- Protection
  • High temperature execution up to 250°C
  • Frame materials St-galvanizedt, MDF, optional in stainless steel or Al
  • Alle Standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
  • Various options for special applications
  • option cleanability
  • Technical Data see TECHDOC or on request