HEPA ULPA fitlers

cell construction


This High Efficiency Particulate Air filter - HEPA provides optimal separation of smallest aerosols.
The frame is made out of anodized aluminium profile. A foamed gasket is placed on the air intake side.
The filter medium „filtex®CELPAC“ consists of a spezial-high-quality microglasspaper in narrow pleating. Thermoplastic distance holders  guarantee a high stability of the filter package. The filter provides high flow rates  with low initial pressure drop



Clean rooms are used in particularly in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor electronic industry and many special industries. 
End filter unit  for clean rooms, cabins or FFU -filter fan units.
Highest purity standards.


Types - Filter classes - Medium:

SFZA ... Al frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC
SFZW ... MDF frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC
SFZ ... galvanized steel frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC
SFZR ... stainless steel frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC
SFZAP ..."high flow" Al frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC H.F.
SFZWP ..."high flow" MDF framen E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC H.F.
SFZP ..."high flow" galvanized steel frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC H.F.
SFZRP ..."high flow" stainless steel frame E10(H11)-U17 filtex®CELPAC H.F.

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  • Filter medium filtex®CELPAC for "flow" execution
  • Filter medium filtex®CELPAC for "high flow" execution
  • Frame material Al. MDF, St, stainless on request
  • Frame thicknesses 69, 78, 90, 150mm
  • All standard dimensions, special dimenstions on request
  • Various options
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request