V-filter packages
cell construction
box shape
holding frame

Filtration for  clean rooms (see "KNOW HOW")  with highest demands on purity standards.  In the chemical industry, pharma industry, electronic industry, medical production...

Filter classes according standard EN1822.

Filter class E10(H10...old name)-E12(H14...old name) so called EPA filters = Efficiency Particulate Air Filter
Filter class H10-H14 so called HEPA filters = High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter. Filter class U15-U17 so called ULPA filters = Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter.

To gain long life time and best Energy-efficiency  it is necessary to use an excellent pre-filter. Such as pocket filters product line filtex®durotex, filtex®durotec oder filtex®glass. For teh final pre-filter stage we recommend compact filters  filtex®ripac .