Activated carbon filters

compact filters


With removable elements:

Activated carbon-compact filter with metal casing. Removable activated carbon elements. These filters can be used like pocket filters. With the easiest handles the filter segments in this system can get changed. Filter with low pressure drop.

Rigid filter in one:

Activated carbon-compact filter Type KK with front frame and plastic case. The activated carbon filter medium is narrow pleated. These filters can be used easily instead of pocket filters. Applied for high air volume rates with low pressure drop.
Type KKV with "duo-pre filter".


For the absorption of toxic or undesirable gaseous and vaporous pollutants of air, e.g., painting plants, kitchens, gases from industrial processes, toilets…


Typen - Filterklasse - Medium:

KK ...Rigid filter M5 filtex® CARBRIP KK
KKV ...Rigid filter with pre filter F7 filtex® CARBRIP KKV
KKW ...Rigid filter with replaceable elements - Activated carbon
KKWP ...replaceable elements - Activated carbon


  • Absorption of offensive smells
  • High absorption effekt
  • To be installed in assembly frames for pocket filters
  • All common dimensions available
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request