Ceiling filters

high performance


Ceiling filter filtex MGP620:

Progressively condensed, thermally bounded high- tech-multi-layer material with high mechanical stability in the fibre composite. Incredibly excellent filtration efficiencies and high dust accumulation ability. Besides, the filter medium is impregnated with an adhesive  ingrediant  to avoide dust penetration due to air vibrations. A filter tricot–waving on the air outlet side provides additional safety against dust penetration. AFTL - Test Champion (AIR FILTER TESTING LABORATORIES INC. , Kenutcky - USA)

Ceiling filter filtex MFP600:

Progressively condensed, thermally bounded high- tech- material with high mechanical stability in the fibre composite. The fleece construction with a particularly abraded and condensed pure air side proves high filtration efficiencies and high dust accumulator ability. The filter has an additional special fine fibre filter layer. A grid on the air outlet side provides high shape stability.

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Ceiling filter filtex MGT600:

For high temperature applications.
Premium Quality up to 200°C.


High-Quality ceiling filters from filtex provide specific characteristics. This aims in clean room conditions especially for surface treatment processes.

Types - Filter classes - Medium:

filtex MFP600 M5 (F5), 20mm filtex®HTL, add. fine fibre layer, supportin grid
filtex MGP620 M5/M6 (F5/F6), 22mm filtex®HTML, multi layer, AFTL Champion
filtex MGT600 M5 (F5), 19-20mm filtex®HT, High Temperature Glassfiber

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  • High performance ceiling filters
  • Filter classes EN779:2012 M5-M6
  • Optional possible for temperatures up to 200°C
  • All dimensions and cuts deliverable in time
  • Rolls and special dimensions
  • Technical Data see TECHDOC or on request