Bikini filters

close mesh net


The filter pockets have the special bikini shape. This provides high stability even when the filter is loaded. The filter frames are supplied in metal or in hardwood material optionally. The filter medium „filtex®HF100“ is a close meshed synthtic net, double  stitched in a wire frame. This gives excellent stability and pull over values.

Optionally with pocket holding bows for haeavy weight dust. Optionally with reinforced metal frame for extreme high pressure drop.

More products with close-mesh net „filtex®HF100“: filter cell netline or fancoil

Application range:

Alternative to pocket filters for filtering of fibrous material, fluff ball etc..
For textile industy, weaving mills, laundrys, hotels...

Types - Filter class - Medium:

HFF 100ym medium filtex®HF100


  • Filter medium filtex®HF100
  • Stable bikini-confection
  • Options: reinforced frame, holding bow
  • Frame in metal or hardwood
  • All standard dimensions, special dimensions on request
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request