Activated carbon filters

panel filters


  • 100% synthetic panel filters with high fibre composite, impregnated with activated carbon. Beside the general dust filter effect, the carbon impregnation brings an additional effect against aerosols. Therefore it is used  to avoid smell nuisances. Due to the carbon impregnation a black colour results. This is often wished for visible filters, so that the fouling does not become visible.


    For the reduction of smell nuisances in the building equipments, exhausts, kitchens, catering etc.


    KMB29 G4, 6mm thick
    KM29 G4, 12mm thick
    KMP29 G4, 16mm thick
    KMB.MS29 Duofilter G4, 22mm thick


    • Absorption of offensive smells
    • Black
    • Filter class G4
    • All dimensions available
    • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request