Activated carbon filters



The standard granulate material of cylindrical rod coal distinguishes itself by low pressure drop and abrasion hardness.

Beside standard coal to the adsorption of hydrocarbons an extensive programme of impregnated special coal with different grain sizes and stylings is available.
Base materials are rod coal, mineral coal, coconut...activated alumina.

For special applications even chemical absorption facilities are available.


High quality granulate material for cleaning the air. Removal of exhalation or offensive smells or organic solvents from the air. Solvent recovery, cleaning of sewage or ground water and process water.


KSG1, KSG2,.... specific characteristics - see TECHDOC-application


  • high absorption effect
  • Granulate, cylindrical
  • Seveal types for optimised effect
  • Available in bags or buckets
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request