Activated carbon filters



Actived carbon filter cartridges are fixed on baseplates with bayonet joint and screwed together gasproof. This type of filtration is to be used for installation in air handling units or channels. Different cartridge lengths with different filling volume are available. Cartridges and baseplates are manufactured in stainless steel or galvanised steel.


The perforated cladding of the cartridge is filled with activated carbon. This is saved by means of a cap which is fastened with screws against falling out. As a standard filling the universally activated carbon granulate material KSG1 is used. If requested the cartridges can be filled with special granulate material.

  • carbcart

For the installation in machines and channels the filter unit is delivered as a set. This encloses the baseplate plus the filled activated carbon filter cartridges. Types available in stainless V2A steel or galvanised Steel. The baseplate can be delivered seperately. For dimensioning, consider the allowed air flow rate. The more volume of activated carbon, the higher the absorbtion effect and life time.


Activated carbon filters are used for the absorption of toxic or undesirable gaseous and vaporous pollutants of air. Exhausts from painting plangs, kitchens, gases from industrial processes, toilets... as well as radioactive gases.

At every postfilling a new gasket should be used. Optionally cartridge fillings with regenerated activated carbon can be choosen. The absoption and life time is identical to the standard carbon. Regenerated carbon is a contribution to the protection of environment and resources.


KFPV cartridge, galvanized, filled
KFPVR cartridge, galvanized, filled, regenerated
KFPRV cartridge, stainless, filled
KFPRVR cartridge, stainless, filled, regenerated
KFPL cartridge, galvanized, empty
KFPRL cartridge, stainless, empty
KFPD gaskets, 10pcs. set
KFPM installation wrench
KFPS Set galvanized, filled with baseplate
KFPRS Set stainless, filled with baseplate
KFPG baseplate galvanized
KFPRG baseplate stainless


  • Cartridge length 450 oder 650mm
  • Cartridge diameter 145mm
  • Baseplate for 4,8,12 or 16 Cartridges
  • Special dimensions on request
  • Technical data see TECHDOC or on request